The Seattle-based producer/artist behind the moniker White Noise Maker is a veteran of many different facets of the music industry. He’s founded and fronted bands that have opened for indie-alternative rock luminaries like Dinosaur Jr. and Guided By Voices, composed theme songs and music for television shows, and used his talents to create background songs for nationally recognized brands. With White Noise Maker, however, he is doing something completely different. He is doing exactly what he wants and the result is some of the most compelling music of his career. 

White Noise Maker is strictly a solo project, allowing him to have complete control over his creative vision. While it is easy to identify his foundational reverence for pop/rock, the sound White Noise Maker creates is not quite like anything else – he infuses a patchwork of musical styles and incorporates production elements from genres as diverse as modern pop to roots Americana. There are big melodic hooks, sampled beats, funk inspired guitar takes, and harmony laden vocals that reveal an affection for classic 60’s pop. These seemingly disparate elements combine to create a truly compelling listen. 

White Noise Maker made his official debut in 2020 with the full length ‘Enter Ghost.’ A little bit eccentric but still supremely accessible, it serves as a perfect introduction to new listeners. While the album probably won’t be topping the charts any time soon, it is filled with enough open hearted melodies and experimental flourishes to capture the attention of a certain brand of music fan, and in the process, establish White Noise Maker as a true original.